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Our Mission, as 
West River United Church

is to worship God and celebrate our faith

by creating a Christian community
and to work and grow together

in love, fellowship and service,
as we search for a more abundant life in Christ.

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Worship during Covid-19 October 23, 2020
We ask that you wear a mask during full service, entering the building and leaving. If you feel you cannot wear a mask during service due to health related concerns, it may be removed while seated in the sanctuary, however, you cannot sing while unmasked.  

At any time, if you have travelled to regions where outbreaks have occurred, we ask that you refrain from attending in person worship or other in person church related activities for two weeks following.

Operational Team, WRUC

 Travel Advisory and Worship Change October 14, 2020

Hello Everyone!

As you may have heard, our Chief Public Health Office has issued a travel advisory to the Campbelltown and Moncton regions of New Brunswick due to two separate COVID-19 outbreaks.

Today, the government also advised that anyone who still chooses to travel to those regions, must do the following:

  • wear a mask at all times when outside of their household for the next two weeks; 
  • monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19, and visit a Drop-in Testing Clinic to be tested if symptoms develop;
  • avoid public places, unless it is essential; 
  • avoid large gatherings; and,
  • minimize contact with individuals outside of their close circle of contacts and household. 

In accordance with this, we will be adding these two regions to our “COVID questions” that are asked each week. 

If you have travelled to either of these regions, we ask that you refrain from attending in person worship or other in person church related activities for two weeks following your return home. 

If you would like to know more about the recent advisory, you can go to the PEI government website for more information.

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

Operational Team, WRUC

 Listed below are the changes to our worship guidelines:

¨ No Pre-registration  for Worship: We  still will have to keep a record of all attendees for 1 month, at which time it will be destroyed. It will only be released to Public Health upon request. Please come ahead of time so that we can get your contact tracing information and have you seated by 10:00 a.m.

¨ Second Worship Space: To accommodate more than 50 people we will have a second worship space set up in the hall.

¨ Masks: We ask that you wear a mask during full service, entering the building and leaving.

¨ Singing: We will be singing at this time.

¨ For further protection, our building will be sanitized after every service by volunteers who have been trained, and other guidelines may be implemented as needed.

 The Guidelines

1. Stay home if you are sick.

2. Keep 2 metres away from others.

3. Wash your hands frequently.

4. Cough into your elbow.

5. Try not to touch your face.

6. Do not attend if you have travelled outside the Atlantic provinces in the last two weeks.

Currently, we are allowed as many as 50 people in the church-building. 

There will be hand sanitizing products available and accessible to everyone. 

When waiting to enter the church, please maintain a 6 foot/2-metre distance from each other. This will be marked on the sidewalk. 

If you would like to leave an offering, there will be an offering plate in the hall before entering the church. 

We will sanitize the church-building before and after each worship service. We will have enhanced cleaning and sanitizing with special attention to high touch surfaces, including doorknobs, bathrooms, and the backs of pews. All of the prayer and hymn books, and Bibles have been removed and boxed up. 


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