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West River United Church
Response to COVID-19 Update
March 28, 2020

Hello to everyone.

I am writing to update you regarding services at WRUC.  Dr Morrison has made it clear that we do not meet during this pandemic. As we respect Dr Morrison's words and direction, it is also imperative to that we follow the direction of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council 15. We received the following notification yesterday.

"As we are fast approaching the first two weeks of closure and our March 30 date, we know we are not in a place to be able to open our churches or our offices. As this continues to go on, I know it is becoming more difficult. At this point, we will continue to be closed until the end of April and we will reassess at that time. Thank you all for supporting this tough decision, adhering to the health and government authorities and keeping congregations and your staff safe"

During this time, we will continue to minister and support you through different ways. I encourage you to check Facebook Sunday morning at 9:55 to be part of our 10 am Sunday service.

We are truly blessed and upheld by each other and by a good, loving and ever-present God.  

Kevin Sanderson, WRUC Council Chair

March 19, 2020

Dear Friends, 

While we continue to practice physical isolation, it is important to remember that we are not alone. May these beautiful lyrics from More Voices be our mantra as we journey together through the coming weeks: “Don’t be afraid, my love is stronger, my love is stronger than your fear, and I have promised to be always near.” 

We are writing to give you an update with regards as to how we are responding to the COVID-19 as a community of faith.  We have been monitoring the situation very closely, and are doing our best to heed the directions being given to us from both the province as well as our Regional church office. Our church Council met on March 17th via conference call, the following is a result of our discussion.

The first piece of information is that the Church and related activities will be closed until at least March 30th. We will re-assess as we get closer to that date. If you need to reach the office you can call 902-566-4052 and leave a message or follow the instructions on the voice mail. Please be assured that we are still working from home and available to you by phone, text, and email. 

Rev. Barbara Cairns: 902-393-0665 or barbarajcairns@gmail.com 
Andrea Rogers: 902-628-9436 or westriveryouthminister@gmail.com

Worship services on March 22nd and March 29th are cancelled.
We will be posting recorded audio worship messages with Rev. Barbara on our Facebook page on those Sundays at 10 am. 
The sermon and any other materials related to the worship will be sent out via email.

Children & Families
Sunday School lessons for families will be sent out via email each week. 
Activity resources may also be emailed, and will be shared through our Facebook page.
Youth group will continue to connect over video chat – stay tuned for specific dates and times.
Andrea will be sharing children’s stories on video via Facebook periodically.

Pastoral Care
Rev. Barbara and the Pastoral Care team will not be doing pastoral visits to the hospital, to nursing homes or to private homes except in emergency situations. Please know that Rev. Barbara is available to provide pastoral care over the phone. 
Funeral Services will not be conducted until further notice, by order from the Chief Public Health Office on March 17, 2020.

If you are among the population at the greatest risk (seniors and those with compromised immune systems) and you are in need of groceries or other essential supplies to be delivered please contact the church office by phone or email office@westriverunited.com 902-566-4052.
If you are interested in volunteering to help with this ministry please let us know. 
A phone tree will be implemented to reach people that don’t have internet.
If you are aware of someone from our church family that does not have access to technology, please feel free to take a moment to reach out to them and read them this letter. 

No face-to-face committee meetings will be occurring. Discretion is left with committee Chairs as to how they need to proceed during this time. There are teleconferencing and video conferencing options available for meeting, so please connect with the church office for information on setting up those if needed.

We are continually working on creative ways to connect with you during this time. These may be through phone, teleconference, video and/or social media. Please pay attention to your email, the church website www.westriverunited.com and the church Facebook page (make sure you hit the “like” button on our page) for updates. Please be reassured that the work of our church continues and that we are here to take care of one another during this unprecedented situation. Please keep our faith community, our country and our world in your prayers.

Yours in Christ, 

Rev. Barbara and Andrea, on behalf of the Staff and West River United Church Council

You can find more information regarding our response to COVID-19 under the 'Document' tab at the top of this page.

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