Our Church

West River United is a dynamic, spirit filled congregation which genuinely strives to be open to all and draws together a wide range of professions, employment, education, family configurations, Island and non-Island origins.

In worship we seek to strike a fine balance between the best tradition offers and contemporary issues, values and expressions.

We are committed to fully integrating children into worship and into the life of the congregation. Sunday School and Sunday Service work in close co-ordination.

Our building is fully wheelchair accessible with internal ramp, dedicated seating, an elevator serving all three floors, designated washroom and parking.

West River United Church

West River United is happy to provide persons experiencing auditory challenges with the latest accessibility features. Our Sanctuary is encircled by a new audio loop. Any hearing aide equipped with a T-coil option can access our audio feed. We also have 2 receivers with earbuds which also tie into the audio loop. Please ask your greeters for assistance. We hope to make your Worship experience as comfortable as possible.

Sunday Worship Time 10:00 am.

Our History

Before August 28th, 2014, the Cornwall Pastoral Charge consisted of 3 Congregations, Cornwall United Church (now West River United Church), Kingston United Church and New Dominion United Church. Those three congregations were amalgamated on August 28th, 2014. With a name change for our local congregation to West River United Church following a few month later, to reflect the new amalgamated congregation. The new name was voted upon by the congregation on January 11th 2015 and later that month approved by PEI Presbytery.

Kingston United Church

New Dominion United Church